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Canada is one of the hidden jewels when it comes to medicinal plants and medicinal mushrooms. It is one of the biggest countries in the world yet it is the least populated. We have many virgin forests and it is the perfect place to collect your medicine. Nature is what we always go back to, it is so simple yet so advanced.

In Ontario, we have abundance of medicinal fungi and the benefits of using them are endless. As an example, Artist's Conk (Ganonderma Applanatum), found in every forest, including Toronto's High Park, has many active compounds: Antibiotics, B-Glucans, Ganoderic acids - triterpenes, Hetero-B-glucans, Lanostanic triterpenoids. These active ingredients play a major role in prevention, as well as a cure for cancer, diabetes, etc.

Many herbs and medicinal plants grow here. Everyone heard about Eyebright, Ledum, Red Clover, Comfrey, they all grow here in the wild. 

A cure is possible but prevention is far more effective. Why not start investing in our health now? Why wait till we get sick? Ingesting edible and medicinal plants and mushrooms might be one of the many avenues of preventative medicine. Mushrooms and plants are free to pick, grow in abundance, and are easy to store. Adding wild foods to our diet can be very beneficial. Mushrooms, for example, contain about 80 to 90 percent water, and are very low in calories (only 100 cal/oz), carbohydrates, and sodium -- and are cholesterol and fat-free. On the other hand, mushrooms are high in fiber and protein. Edible mushrooms can be ingested in many ways: grilled, sauteed, marinated, boiled, etc. Medicinal mushrooms are usually very high in minerals, natural 

antibiotics, and active constituents. For example, Reishi mushrooms contain: Beta and hetero-Beta-glucans, Ling Zhi-8 protein, Ganodermic acids - triterpenes. Medicinal mushrooms might be consumed in the form of a tea, mushroom extract or in capsules.

Same goes for plants. Many wild plants are considered superfoods and are very good for you.

(Barberry Bush)

Few times a year, we lead wild and edible walks and teach people about the benefits of various plants. There is even a book in the making, so stay tuned as it will be ready soon.

Invest in your health, invest in you! 

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